Llama karma

If you’re after a bit of a ‘little-bit-different’ experience, I would thoroughly recommend the llama trekking. Even if you’re not that interested in llamas, this is a beautiful experience with these goofy-looking creatures.

There are a couple of options to choose from, including half-day treks or one-hour treks. You’ll get a chance to familiarise yourself with the llamas, and you’ll be told a little bit about their characters. By the end of your time with them, you’ll feel like you’re walking with a friend!

They’re very gentle, intelligent and sociable animals. And because of their curious yet calm nature, they are easy for children to handle. And don’t worry, they don’t spit on people! Spitting is only used between llamas to establish dominance, I’m told! I can help you with the booking and deciding whether to go for the half-day or taster session, depending on your needs. This is a Kaikōura gem, so not to be missed! Based just 4km from the town centre, or just 5 minutes drive from Brook House B&B, it’s a great way to experience these lovable creatures and see some sites of Kaikōura along the way.